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Since it was created, the Fondation has contributed more than $2,000,000 to various Place des Arts access-to-the-arts programs and creative support programs.

This year, the Fondation supported : 

  • More than 250 artists involved in the programs at the Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme
  • 190 free activities reaching tens of thousands of people
  • 15 shows in the Place des Arts Junior series
  • An audience of more than 5,000 children for free or affordably priced youth shows
  • 20 outreach activities for very young audiences
  • Participation of 930 high school students in the second edition of the cultural mediation project Enfant de la Terre with the artist Samian, to raise awareness and facilitate access to various art forms for young people from low-income neighbourhoods
  • 3 exhibitions: À la poursuite du loup-garou – Un conte d’hiver raconté par la Place des Arts et ICI Musique, Les Merveilles and Enfant de la terre, an exhibition in connection with Samian’s cultural mediation project
  • 3 works for the digital screen mosaic
  • 3 co-productions: Orbis, by harpist Valérie Milot, Corps secret/corps public by choreographer Isabelle Van Grimde, and Gloucester by author and director Simon Boudreault
  • Attendance: 32,660 people for Nuit Blanche and more than  10,000participants in the activities
  • 9 free activities and over 1,000participants during Journées de la culture
  • Presentation of a new series, Chez Georges‑Émile: seven get-togethers with established artists from a variety of backgrounds, open to the public, hosted by Catherine Pogonat 
  • Chorégraphies in situ by O Vertigo, Marathon d’écriture, a program for the Holidays, urban dance performances, Human Futures, etc.
À la poursuite du loup-garou - Un conte d'hiver raconté par la Place des Arts et ICI Musique exhibit, presented in salle d'exposition de l'Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalm (December 2015)
The Place des Arts screen mosaic is a key element of the Espace culturel Georges-Émile-Lapalme. The mosaic has received a number of prestigious awards, and several curious passers-by and spectators stop to explore the works presented on it. Over eight million people pass before the screens each year.