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Our Mission
The Fondation de la Place des Arts is a non-profit organization created in 2006. Its goal is to support the mission of Place des Arts by contributing to artistic projects and activities that promote access to the arts, audience development and increased awareness of the various performing arts.

Our Vision
To love art and make it part of your life, you must first be made aware of it. The Fondation’s philanthropic efforts are founded on the conviction that art enriches young people’s approach to life. By exploring worlds based on creativity, imagination, sensitivity and aesthetics, they open themselves up to new languages that lead to new ways of addressing their own worlds and developing their own personalities. This is why, for the Fondation, access to the arts remains a high-priority issue. This is also why it has made a commitment to support Place des Arts—the largest performing arts complex in Canada and a leading symbol of Quebec’s artistic excellence and vitality—in its challenge to make the arts more accessible.