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Home to the Duceppe theatre company since 1973, this proscenium stage theatre with 765 seats is uniquely designed, with long rows of seats facing an exceptionally wide stage. This configuration allows for a greater bond between the audience and the performers on stage.

Drama, comedy, tragedy... The Duceppe theatre company gives close to 200 performances in this theatre from September to May each year. And during the summer, various festivals make use of the venue.


    Inaugurated in 1967, this theatre was originally named Théâtre Port-Royal, at the suggestion of actor Jean-Louis Roux, in order to commemorate the first performance of a play in French in America, in 1606. They play, written by Marc Lescarbot, was called Théâtre de Neptune en Nouvelle-France and was performed at Port-Royal, which was the capital of Acadia at the time.

    In 1991, Théâtre Port-Royal was renamed in honour of Jean Duceppe, the great man of the theatre who took up residence in the venue in 1973 with the company bearing his name, and who passed away in December 1990.

    The audience’s proximity to the artists, along with perfect sightlines and impeccable acoustics, make this a venue that spectators truly appreciate.

    Théâtre Jean-Duceppe occupies the lower part of the Theatre Building. The building was designed by Montreal architects David, Barott, and Boulva. The outdoor lighting was designed by Lightemotion as part of the lighting for the Quartier des spectacles.



    Salon vert

    Just like Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier and Théâtre Maisonneuve, Théâtre Jean-Duceppe also has a Green Room. It is adjacent to the hall, on the 3rd floor level.

    Odd- and Even-numbered Foyers

    Behind the bar on the even-numbered side, you can see a painting by artist Paul Vanier Beaulieu, while the odd-numbered side features a work by artist Jean McEwen as its backdrop.

    Cloakroom: $3


    Assistance for persons with reduced mobility

    During performances, a member of the ushering staff is specifically designated to assist persons with reduced mobility. Customers who require assistance must report to the main security desk.

    Aids for the hearing-impaired

    An audio system enables hearing-impaired spectators to tune into the audio signal of the show by setting their FM receivers to 107.9.

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Place des Arts
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Théâtre Jean-Duceppe
Place des Arts

1400 Saint-Urbain Street
Montreal (Quebec),
H2X 2M5

Tel.: 514 842-2112

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