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A modern-day rendition of a classical Italian theatre, Théâtre Maisonneuve, with its 1,453 seats, is the ideal setting for variety shows, dance performances—like those by LES GRANDS BALLETS CANADIENS or DANSE DANSE—, circus arts, stand-up comedy, performances by small ensembles and soloists, musicals, and film screenings.



    Théâtre Maisonneuve boasts a large, multi-functional stage, an orchestra pit, and projection facilities.

    The venue is ideal for a wide range of cultural events, including musicals; rock, jazz and pop concerts; film screenings; dance, comedy, circus, and variety shows; performances by major stars; etc.

    It was in 1967, during the Centennial of Canadian Confederation, that Place des Arts was enriched by the addition of the Theatre Building. It arrived just in time to host the major cultural events presented in the wake of Expo 67. Today, this building houses Théâtre Maisonneuve, Théâtre Jean-Duceppe (known as Port-Royal until 1991), and the Studio-théâtre (the former Théâtre du Café de la Place, inaugurated in 1975).

    Théâtre Maisonneuve occupies the upper part of the Theatre Building, which was designed by Montreal architects David, Barott, and Boulva (Théâtre Maisonneuve and Théâtre Jean-Duceppe). The outdoor lighting was designed by Lightemotion as part of the lighting for the Quartier des spectacles.

    Théâtre Maisonneuve takes its name from the founder of the city of Montreal, Paul de Chomedey, sieur de Maisonneuve. It was inaugurated on April 30, 1967 by Jean-Louis Barrault and the troupe Théâtre de France Renaud-Barrault, which—along with the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde troupe—performed a program entitled Saint-Exupéry.



    Jean-Gascon Foyer

    The magnificent Jean-Gascon Foyer is named after the great, internationally known Canadian actor who passed away in 1988.

    In the majestic windows overlooking Place des Arts’ outdoor plaza hangs a curtain made up of 300,000 clear acrylic blocks strung together on stainless steel wires—a work of art by Micheline Beauchemin called Rideau de lumière, couleur du temps (Curtain of Light, Colour of Time).

    In front of the bar, one can also admire a bronze by sculptor Elizabeth MacQueen depicting the dancer Jorge Donn, immortalized in a spectacular jeté; a work by Charles Daudelin can be seen behind the bar.

    Also on view is an impressive tapestry by Louise Lemieux-Bérubé entitled Le Dernier Déjeuner sur l'herbe (The Last Lunch on the Lawn), which is inspired by Fernand Nault’s choreographic work La Cérémonie.

    Since 2008, twelve set designs by Jean-Pierre Perreault have been on permanent display: six elements from the production Eironos, and six other sets from the production Les Années de pèlerinage.


    Mezzanine Foyer

    Overlooking the Jean-Gascon Foyer, the Mezzanine Foyer is located on the Corbeille level.

    Informal Discussion Area

    Located at the entrance of the Corbeille level, on the even-numbered side.

    Salon vert*

    Just like Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier, Théâtre Maisonneuve also has a Green Room used for meetings with artists and for various special events. It is located in the backstage area on the 5th floor.

    *The expression “Green Room” has its origins in British theatre and refers to the room in which the actors waited before going on stage. Artists, who, it has been said, can be superstitious, considered green to bring bad luck on stage. To ward off the threat, a green-carpeted room off-stage was set aside for them. Most of the world’s large performance halls still have a green room today.

    Cloakroom: $3







    Assistance for persons with reduced mobility

    During performances, a member of the ushering staff is specifically designated to assist persons with reduced mobility. Customers who require assistance must report to the main security desk.

    Aids for the hearing-impaired

    An audio system enables hearing-impaired spectators to tune into the audio signal of the show by setting their FM receivers to 89.9.

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